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All the Feels: Competition Prep from 3 Perspectives

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Getting ready for a dance competition is no small feat. Packing the dream duffel alone can be a herculean challenge for someone new to the world of competitive dance. Of course, it's all worth it to watch our dancers hit that stage, full of confidence and backed by all the hard work they've put in since the beginning of the season.

Because we experience competitions differently, we asked a dancer, her mom, and her coach what it's like to get ready for competition from their own unique perspectives... read on for their thoughts!

DANCER: Brooklyn, member of the SDA Junior Company

MOM: Brittani, Brooklyn's mom, who's been supporting her dance career for 10 years

COACH: Terri-Sue, SDA Studio Owner, Creative Director and basically everything to her team

1. What makes you most nervous/stressed when preparing for competition?  BROOKLYN: When I see dancers from other studios warming up and their dance moves look really good. 😬 BRITTANI: The most stressful part for me in preparing for competition is making sure I have everything packed in her dream duffle and that I haven’t forgotten anything. ✅

T-SUE: What makes me most nervous is how the outcome will end up. The dancers put in all the work and I have helped them as much as possible but I just want the end result to be in their favor, especially since they work so hard. I don’t care how they place; I just want their hard work to be justified and when it’s not, my heart breaks for them. I strive to be the best coach I can be for them and when the outcome isn’t justified I feel like I haven’t done enough for my dancers. 💔

2. What gets you most excited while preparing for competition? BROOKLYN: Our Seraphim chant...”Who are we? SDA! Who are we? SDA! I am, I am seraphim! I am, I am seraphim!”  🎉 BRITTANI: When Terri-Sue sends out the schedule for competition. I think about all the things I need to get done to prepare and knowing the time we are scheduled to perform keeps me from getting anxious. 📅

T-SUE: I get most excited to see the dancers perform and leave their hearts on the stage. To see them shine and excel bring me to tears with the overwhelming feeling of joy!

3. What do you eat for breakfast on competition day? BROOKLYN: I eat nothing because I’m too excited! 🤩 BRITTANI: Sadly we don’t usually eat breakfast because we’re either too excited or it’s too early to be hungry. A lot of the competitions start before the sun is even up so our bodies think they're still full from dinner. 🍽

T-SUE:  I actually don’t eat much on competition days. I run off water and Starbucks. Mainly because I’m too busy, but also because I have too much excitement and anxiety on these weekends! 🥤

4. What is something you can’t live without on competition day? BROOKLYN: My mom 💛 BRITTANI: Starbucks and a hoodie. ☕️

T-SUE: I CANNOT live without water and team prayers. I pray for these dancers all the time but when we do team prayers it almost “refuels” me. 🙏

5. Do you have a mantra, catchphrase, superstition for competition?  BROOKLYN: I have a good luck charm. It’s a charm my dad gave me at one of my first competitions with Seraphim that says I love dance. 💕 BRITTANI: I always tell Brooklyn on the car ride that the most important thing is that she is having fun, SO HAVE FUN!! 🥰

T-SUE: Prayers and kissing the stage. I tell the dancers all the time “you wouldn’t be here without the talent the lord has given you nor without the stage and opportunities that you’ve been given. Show the stage your respect and thank you lord above!” 😘

6. When it’s all over and you’re looking back at the day, what is the thing you appreciate most?  BROOKLYN: Being able to dance and be myself! 👼 BRITTANI: Watching these kids pour their hearts and souls out on that stage. Seeing all of their hard work and long hours at the studio bring a dance to life is so rewarding it makes it all worthwhile. 🏆

T-SUE: Teamwork and team support. When the dancers support each other it means more than anything to them and they perform better when they have each other's support. We may be tiny but when we work as one, nothing can stand in our way. 💪

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