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SDA at Starquest 2020

Updated: Feb 26

Road trip! Dream duffels in tow, we make the trek to Albuquerque, New Mexico to attend Starquest regionals, February 22-23. Our first full-team competition was not only successful in terms of adjudications and placements, but as a bonding experience. The dancers, parents and staff worked together to make sure all dances hit the stage without a hitch and it was a truly rewarding weekend. Here are the results:

🥇Overall placements:

1st - Twisted: Chloe Clare

1st - Unlike Me: Kennedy Arnold

1st - Stand in the Light: Dani Hlusek, Emily Patterson

1st - Here: Chloe Clare, Maya Patterson, Olivia Taillon

1st - We the Children: Avery Land, Abigail Polk

1st - Artist: Anna Bielz, Alyssa Perkins

1st - What's a Girl Gotta Do: Grace Anderson, Kennedy Arnold

1st - Shadow: Sydnee Kelly, Kimora Solis

1st - Wolfpack

1st - Pretty Hurts

1st - Colorblind

1st - The Ugly Truth

2nd - Mambo Number Five: Halle Skidmore, Tenley Wojcik

2nd - Numb: Avery Land

2nd - Think: Julia Draeger

2nd - Casting Call for a Frenemy: Julia Draeger, Olivia Taillon

2nd - Safe and Sound: Natalie Hernandez, Alyssa Perkins

2nd - Arabian Nights

3rd - You Turn Away: Abigail Polk

3rd - The Act

4th - 20,000 Leagues: Olivia Taillon

4th - Lemonade Stand: Cody Clare, Corianna Clare, Jesse Gressard

4th - Let's Get Loud

4th - Bad

5th - Golden Slumbers: Sadie Diemert

5th - Hit the Road: Natalie Hernandez

5th - 9 to 5: Mia Ashworth, Sadie Diemert, Lia Lerma

5th - Always Daddy's Girl

9th - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow: Kimora Solis

17th - I Feel Good: Sydnee Kelly

💃🏻Choreography Awards:

Terri-Sue Dorn - Bad & Processional


Emerging Artist Petite Miss Starquest 2nd Runner-up: Sadie Diemert

Emerging Artist Junior Miss Starquest: Chloe Clare

Elite 8 Junior Miss Starquest: Abigail Polk

Elite 8 Miss Starquest: Kimora Solis

🏆Teen Odyssey Award: Processional

🏅Judges' Awards:

Lemonicious: Lemonade Stand

Effortless Performance: 20,000 Leagues

Funtastic Friends: What's a Girl Gotta Do

Beautiful Unique Pictures: Processional

👗Costume Awards:



Runners-up: Golden Slumbers, Lemonade Stand, 9 to 5, Casting Call for a Frenemy, The Ugly Truth, Colorblind