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SDA Company at Starquest

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

February 22-24, SDA packed our bags and hit the road for Starquest Albuquerque! All the team's hard work thus far led to great success over the course of the weekend. Our angels left it all on the stage and the dances were a joy to watch. Plus, they did really, really well!

Here are the weekend's highlights:

Overall Placements: 1st-Last Dance 1st-Lean Back 1st-Your Story 1st-Center of the Galaxy 1st-Stepsisters Lament 1st-Best Days 1st-O Superman 1st-Ni Part 1st-Camp Memories 1st-Party Time 1st-Nothingness 1st-1997 1st-I Will Wait 1st-I’m There, Too 1st-Sheathing 2nd-5 Stars 2nd-Lift Me Up 2nd-Get That Cheddah 2nd-California Love 2nd-Welcome to Duloc 2nd-Unrequited 2nd-Husks and Shells 2nd-Intuit 3rd-Scholastic 3rd-Drop Dead 3rd-Boss 3rd-Queens of the Nile 3rd-Walk Alone 4th-Truth 4th-Together Again 8th-Days of Plenty

People’s Choice: Nothingness Industry Dance Awards Nominee: Sheathing Industry Dance Awards Nominee: Together Again

Costume Awards: -Scholastic -Right as Rain -Get That Cheddah -Best Days -Welcome to Duloc -Nothingness

Specialty Awards: Fusion Award: Ni Part Fusion Award: Stepsisters Lament Fusion Award: Queens of the Nile Spreading Kindness: Madelyn Excellent Expression: Welcome to Duloc Odyssey: Welcome to Duloc Cool Concept: Husks and Shells

💛ADCC Classic Studio of Excellence💛

Title Winners: Emerging Artist Junior Mr. - Cooper Emerging Artist Junior Miss- Madelyn Elite 8 Junior Miss - Avery Emerging Artist Petite Miss - Olivia Elite 8 Petite Miss - Grace Teen Elite Runner Up - Kimora

Way to make a splash, SDA! Keep up that great work!

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